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Adri Norton

My sessions are about you, the client, and providing you with what you need to move forwards with assurance, clarity and confidence.
— Adri Norton
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As a Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Councillor Adri strives to provide her clients with the insight and healing they require. This can be through a reading gaining clarity and insight, through mediumship to connect and receive guidance and or healing from a loved one in spirit or to be liberated and empowered through spiritual councilling.

Adri initiated as a Traditional Healer after completing her training (twasa) with well known Cape Town Psychic Medium and Traditional Healer, Riaan Swiegelaar.

Through all the sessions Adri has done over the years she has come to understand the uniqueness that makes us all who we are. This has enabled her to understand the deeper workings of our soul, mind, body and the connection we all have to each other.

The word or title “sangoma” is frequently quite wrongly translated as witchdoctor or associated with a certain race, but today traditional healers go beyond creed or race and age, yet the core of it remains the same. The practice goes beyond the physically living and includes ancestry. Keeping in contact with these ancestors and following their guidance is what gives traditional healers their powers to help within their community.
— Riaan Swiegelaar

Adri is known to provide clarity and perspective, giving her clients a clear sense of direction into their future and healing the past. She prides herself in keeping an open mind and heart in order to assists her clients with some of their most challenging situations and questions.

I have a passion for people. Ever since I have come to understand that I can see spirit and use that to help others I have become obsessed with learning more about myself and people and how we all come to have our place in this world. Through my years of psychology study, studying various healing modalities , personal development and working with people I have come to understand that we all have the power to overcome obstacles in our lives, to grow and to flourish. Sometimes we just need a helping hand. I strive to be that helping hand so you can be the best version of you. Whether you feel drawn to a reading, a healing session or counselling I commit myself to helping and guiding you towards becoming all that you can be.
— Adri Norton

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