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Transformation Coaching


During transformational therapy the focus is on addressing the core issues that are affecting your wellbeing. These can be anything from emotions, relationships, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns to trauma and goals.

The process is one of release and healing that will set you on the road towards connecting further with yourself, your life and your purpose. It will enable you to better take control of your life, to move closer to your true, clear self and live consciously.

Every client is unique and I focus on creating sessions that are structured towards what you require to heal, dealing with issues at their root cause.

Below is a list of problems/blocks that can be dealt with during transformation work. It includes but is not limited to the following:


Self-confidence                       Trust                                        Spirituality

Love                                        Procrastination                        Discipline

Depression                              Anger                                      Family

Inner peace                              Health                                     Inner Power

Acceptance                             Independence                         Self-Worth

Anxiety                                   Patience                                   Motivation

Fear                                         Stress                                  Personal Growth

Trauma                                    Limiting Beliefs                      Forgiveness

Purpose                                   Goals                                       Doubt



5 x 1 hour sessions : R 3000

Additional 1 hour sessions available after the initial 5 sessions are completed – R 650 per hour


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