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Hi Adri, hope all is well. Must say I admire your ability to see someone’s future and their path. You have a great talent/ skill in your psychic readings. Something yesterday ticked many a box you said would happen. it will all fall into place. Thank you.”

— Cyril - Constantia, CT
“Thank you Adri, you were a great comfort and given me positive energy to reach my goal.”
— Anne - Durbanville, CT
“Hi Adri. I have done what we discussed in my reading . To me it almost feels like the world has been lifted of my shoulders...For that I would like to thank you, you are super amazing.”
— Sue, Somerset West, CT
“Hi Adri. I attended your group clairvoyant reading in April and what you told me I didn’t want to believe. Now as I sit here I have to tell you that everything has unfolded as you explained. You did say it will get better near the end of the year so I’m staying strong and positive. Thank you for the warning me as it prepared for the situation I am in now. Take care”
— Helen, Cape Town

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